Dear Voter, 

One of the pillars of New Athens Creative is your participation on the NAC Ballot, where your vote determines which TV shows deserve a look for NAC Network. 

By asking you to vote 4 times per year on your favorite television pilot, we bring democracy to your living room and to your mobile device. 

In doing so, we kindly ask our users to register to vote in real life, and we provide a link to our Turbo Vote partner: 

In addition, the NAC Ballot links to our friends at Ballotpedia, FairFightAction, and Reach.Vote

If you have questions about NAC efforts to support voter rights and public education policy, please feel free to reach out to the office of Breon Wells, NAC Advisory Board member and Founder of The Daniel Initiative (

As the November 3rd elections approach, we want to remind you of the #NACtheVote social media campaign, where participants receive 50% off their NAC subscription by geotagging themselves at their local polling locations on election day.

Thanks for your continued faith in democracy and creativity,