NAC Terms

Dev Series

A "Dev Series" is an original content package made up of five 22-minute episodes based from original pilot episodes that are drafted by NAC Franchises. The Dev Series (short for "Development Series") is NAC's ultimate "unit" just as Twitter began with 140 characters and Instagram with the photo. 

NAC League

NAC is a single-entity league based from the NAC Ballot. The league model has proven itself as the best, most equitable way to source talent. At NAC we apply the league model to the content business while bringing a new dimension of performance data to help inform our ultimate buyers: the major streaming services. 

NAC Ballot

The NAC Ballot is our digital product to collect the votes of NAC users. Eventually NAC will include polling questions for users to opt in or out.

NAC Live

NAC Live is our live stream product, a 24 hour / 7 day live feed of pilot episodes entered into the NAC League. This product will be available on the NAC platform at and it will be available on all major live streaming outlets. 

NAC Network

NAC Network is our video-on-demand product for the Dev Series yielded from the NAC Ballot & Draft. With a robust search bar, NAC Network content can be sorted by nearly any data point imaginable. 

NAC Invest

NAC Invest is our digital marketplace for users to purchase and trade shares of Dev Series. With a direct sale potential from the NAC Content Supply Chain to major streaming services, NAC Invest presents a strong opportunity to investors who can recognize early hits.