Dear Investor, 

One of the pillars of New Athens Creative is your participation as a trader on NAC Invest.

Each NAC season introduces a new Draft Class of tv shows available on NAC Network.

Did you just recognize the next Martin, Stranger Things, Always Sunny, Simpsons, or HQ Trivia

Did you laugh, cry, or something in between? 

When you know it's good, you just know. 

Wouldn't it be nice if that's how "asset evaluation" in the traditional stock market worked? 

For $5 per trade or a $15 subscription fee for 10 free trades and no ads, you can invest in the next hit.

When Disney buys the show and grows it into a film franchise and ride at Disney Theme Parks, you'll be glad you did. 

Purchase Nax tokens ($50 set value) and trade for shares of tv shows at current market rate. As co-owner alongside NAC, your returns on investment will be distributed to your NAC Invest account on a quarterly basis.

Thanks for your continued faith in democracy and creativity,