Dear Creator, 

One of the pillars of New Athens Creative is your participation in the NAC League, where ideas thrive and dreams come true.

Have a tv show idea? Film the pilot episode (22 minutes or less, we suggest ~11 minutes) and upload it at No paperwork, we just ask that you submit original work within the NAC Rules

You'll receive at least 1 air-time on NAC Live, our very own live channel distributed at and on all major live streaming carriers. 

Ask your friends to tune in and tell them to vote! The Top 100 vote getters earn bragging rights for the talent agencies and eligibility for the NAC Draft. 

On Draft Day, NAC Franchises select pilot episodes from the Top 100 whose creators receive production financing to produce five 22-minute episodes based from the original pilot. 

After a strict three months of production, the Draft Class premieres on NAC Network each week over a five-week season. 

NAC subscribers are able to directly invest and trade shares in NAC Network tv shows on NAC Invest.

At each season's conclusion, NAC helps auction the best performers of the Draft Class to major streaming services on behalf of creators, subscriber-investors, and franchises. 

If your pilot episode didn't make the Top 100, you have the next cycle to compete! NAC runs 4 drafts per year. 

When your pilot episode makes the Top 100, NAC still won't ask you to sign any paperwork. If 

Netflix calls you with a deal that can beat NAC, we want you to take the deal -- that's why we exist! 

When your pilot episode gets selected with the 1st overall pick at the NAC Draft, you can expect:

1. an agreement to produce five 22-minute episodes based from original pilot

2. production financing ($25k production cap, increases to be negotiated*)

3. equity terms that secure 80% ownership for creative/production team & 100% creative control

4. in exchange for production financing, NAC receives 20% of each draft pick and releases 10% to the open market on NAC Invest

If you have questions about life and rules as a NAC Creator, please feel free to reach out to the office of Joe Gardina, President of the NAC Creators Association ( 

*The NAC Creators Association exists to negotiate with the NAC League Commissioner and the NAC Franchise Association on behalf of creators. These negotiations will include increased production caps and equity positions for creators.

Thanks for your continued faith in democracy and creativity,